At Christ Church, we love our senior citizens and recognise that that there are more people in their 70s & 80s today than ever before. We also observe that an increasing issue for older people is social isolation and loneliness. In a 2007 survey for Help the Aged, it was found that 50% of those aged over 75 are living alone and 140,000 had gone a whole month in the last year without speaking to family or neighbours. Frailty can make it difficult to get out and many of their friends are in the same boat or have, sadly, already died. Loneliness is a high risk factor for depression, which in turn can lead to many other health problems such as dementia. To address this issue, Christ Church offer three services:

Link Visiting Scheme

Are you able to visit someone in their home once a week or once a fortnight, maybe helping with their food shop, posting some letters or a spot of ironing? If so, or if you know someone who would benefit from a visit, contact Breanna at .

Seniors Events

We have regular events, whether morning coffee, lunch or an afternoon tea and have a variety of speakers & performers. We recently enjoyed visits from a GP thinking about Growing Old Healthy, and a retired lawyer thinking about Growing Old Legally.

Beatrice Place Nursing Home Visitors

Each month from 1000-1100 on a Tuesday morning, we hold a communion service for the nursing home in Beatrice Place, W8 and volunteers to help are always welcome. We also help out with a monthly coffee shop they run on a Friday afternoon once a month by providing cakes and friendly faces to chat to some of the patients. If you are interested in helping, please contact Adele at