Data Protection

The above Regulation comes into force on 25th May 2018.  Its aim is to give back control of personal data held by organisations to individuals.  It also provides the provision for subsequent scrutiny of the data held if required.

As the Data Controller of this data, the Vicar and PCC are responsible for ensuring that individuals whose data we hold consent to their personal data held and processed by Christ Church Kensington.  Consent is also required for the uses to which this data is put by the Data Processors within Christ Church Kensington, for example the despatch of newsletters, infomation about church meetings and events

To this end if you would like to recieve infomation from Christ Church you will need to complete the Consent Form below, return it as soon as possible either in hard copy to the Church Office or electronically to michael@ If you have any queries, please also contact Michael.

Consent form

Privacy notice for non-role holders

Privacy notice for role holders